About Us
Todorov & Co.

is a centre for education and qualification that offers students and young people many opportunities to participate in different educational and summer programs . Todorov & Co. organizes everything for your departure - checks the necessary papers, helps you with the visa and the ticket booking, and even provides working clothes upon request. We would give you detailed information about your job or education courses, the country you will live in, rules and regulations, etc.

If you wish to gain quality education recognized all over the world, if you want to learn foreign languages or to improve your language skills, to gain some practical experience abroad , to meet different people and different culture, to save some money to support your studies and be independent, we can help!


UK – students
UK – young people
UK – combined program for education and exchange
USA – young people
Switzerland – students and recent graduates
Norway – young people
Finland – students and recent graduates
Australia and New Zealand – young people
South Africa – young people


Great Britain
New Zealand